The making of
'Yukagir'mammoth 1 (in Holland)

2(in Japan)

Scale model as a sketch design.
Assembly of the model
The inner steelframe is constructed by using the scalemodel
The inner steelframe
Test of the head and frame
Sculpting with a chainsaw
Because the work shop is not high enough, the model is made in parts ,
The scale model is essential.
The first time that I see all components of the model together
The details are sculpted in clay to get more control concerning the form
Over the model polyurethane has been sprayed
The polyurethanelayer is painted, the sculpted parts are made in raisin and attached to the model.
Ready for transport to Japan.
The components are packed, and sent to Japan.
My assistant Tone Skelton and I travel also to Japan to work there on
the model

more (2 in Japan)