"la Chappelle-aux-Saints".

personal study and commercial sale.

Life size: 230 mm from spina nasal anterior to protuberantia occipitalis exsterna .


± 6 weeks

I used al the 2D and 3D information I chould find to get as close as possible to the real skull. My collection of "la Chappele" skulls consists of 4 versions made by other studio’s and workshops. One of these the basis fore this reconstruction, is a 20th generation cast of the real skull. The real skull is kept prissoner in Musee L’Homme in Paris. I hoped to be able see the real thing and compare this with the clay-model I had made. Unfortunately it seems to be impossible to get in contact with this institute as a mortal human. You can order a cast of my model, made in polyurethane resin. Prices on request.
Please contact for orders or questions
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The Shanidar Neanderthals, by E. Trinkhous
De grote encyclopedie van de mens in de oertijd, By J. Jelinek,
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