Giant lemur
(Megaladapis edwardsi)

Apenheul Apeldoorn The Netherlands.

±1.3 meters long from nose to tail. At the shoulders she stood 0.65 m high


± 7 weeks.

This model is build to resist small maki’s incidentally climbing on it and people touching it.This means that the model is made of reinforced polyester and build on a branch to give the impression of the real animal. For the reconstructie itself I used pictures of the skeleton given to me by Apenheul and made at park "Tsimbazaza" in Antananarivo on Madagascar.I also used pictures of a Megaladqapis skull from the Museum of natural History in Paris. To make the model as real as possible I used picture material of animals with similar lifestyle or living relatives supplimented with the results of a study after the way the feet and hands of the Megaladapis where build. The study was done by the Department of Anatomical science in New York given to my disposal by Roshna Wunderlich." American journal of physical anthropology 100:115-139(1996)".
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