Reconstruction of
Nothosaurus margicus

Museum “Twentse Welle”

life size this means; the biggest model would be approximately 130 centimetres long

March 2012

Approx. 6 weeks, for every model

The models relies heavenly on the material and knowledge of collectors and experts like Paul Alberts, Henk Oosterink and Martin Sanders. I could not build them without their help. I also would like to thank Dr. Hans Hagdorn from The muschelkalk museum in Ingelfingen, Dr. Thomas Rathgeber from das Staatliches museum fur Natuurkunde in Stuttgart and John de Vos for giving me the possibility to use the collection of Naturalis. They gave me access and helped me intemperate the material of these animals, which is often incomplete, and this made it possible to reach a higher level.

Previous models and illustrations
Models in the muschelkalk museum in Ingelfingen and
the models in the Staatliches museum fur Natuurkunde Stuttgart,
Osteology of the reptiles Alfred Sherwood Romer,
Leven in de oertijd Z. Burian en Prof. Dr. Z.V. Spinar,
Muscles of vertebrates Rui Diogo and Verginia Abdala,
Grosse tieranatomie Gottfried Bammes,
I have had the opportunity to take a close look into
the anatomy of the Nile monitor. Pictures and drawings were
made and used to build the models.