Lucy and family
Australopithecus aferensis

de Apenheul in Apeldoorn,
The Netherlands

Life-size, the tallest the old male, is 150 cm .


±25 weeks

with this reconstruction we try to portrait the Australopithecus afarensis as ‘’just an upright ape” one of many species that have evolved over the millennia. The placing of the models is extra interesting because it is close to the Bonobos. This makes it interesting and easy to compare the two( three if you like)species. Reconstructions like these are strongly influenced by the purpose of the reconstruction, the client and the available material. I hope that we have made a interesting point of view that makes you wonder about our place in history and the way we look at the past now.

Replicas of the skeleton “Lucy” and a reconstructed skull of the same skeleton.
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