European landscape
(±22.000 B.C.)

research project
Manimal Works

60cm x 100cm


± 3 days

I would like to thank Dick Mol for his help and tips regarding the understanding of the fossil record.

Mammoths, sabertooths and hominids – by J. Augusti and M.Anton,
Horns, tusks & flippers – by D.R.Protheros & R.M. Schock,
Vertebrate palaeontology – by M.J.Benton,
Ice age mammals of N. America – by I.M. Lange,
Rise of the mammals – by M.J. Benton,
Prehistoric mammals – by R.J.G. Savage & M.R. Long,
Chauvet cave – J.Clottres,
De grot chauvet – J.M. Chauvet, E. Brund Deschamps & C.H. Hillare,
Journey through the ice age – P.G. Bahn.