Welcome at Manimal Works,

Manimal Works is a flexible, small company, founded in 1993 by Remie Bakker and is based in the Netherlands. Manimal Works makes illustrations, animal and human models mostly used for educational purposes. The work combines sculptural art with sciences like: anatomy, palaeontology, biology and archaeology. The driving force behind it all is a continuous fascination for the biodiversity of our world. Manimal Works takes on the challenge of taking a complex reality and transforming this into a clear and understandable image. Manimal Works is active in a lot of different working areas for instance: TV, theatre, museums and zoo's.
The possibilities are endless.
The best way to give you an impression of the possibilities is to show you previous work.
I hope you like the work.

Look around, and if you have any questions, mail us:


Or phone us: +31 10 476 6500 or +31 6 2747 6053


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